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Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'd call it patio furniture. A girl needs a place to sit and knit, after all. :-D

Oh yeah, and great socks!

Awesome socks. Cookie has the touch.


Nice socks!

We don't have wild turkeys here but the squirrels have been out in numbers and we've had a few rodents made their way indoors but the cat has managed to redirect them so far.

Maybe next time I'll get the note into the package before I tape it shut. /sigh

I am so glad you like the socks. I love that pattern and love how it shows up in your photos. May I use one for my gallery? Please?

Good luck with the lawn and the plumbers! When does the pole go in? :D

Such a wonderful surprise in the mail! We don't have turkeys either, but the squirrels eat all our walnuts and hazelnuts and leave us the shells to rake up.

What a perfect mail day! Handknit socks and they are gorgeous. Yeah Cookie! That renovation seems to be going so quickly. Signs of fall are happening in drips & drabs in NJ too. I love the fall.

Love the socks! They fit your perfectly and I adore the colors.

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