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Monday, March 16, 2009


Hey! Maybe if it stays, you'll eventually have trout! :D Just sayin' I'm heading down to the lake now since it's finally above 40. The rain has risen the lake levels and I apparently need to check the boat to see if it needs to be re-tied. I may have to do a bit of fishing... because I'm having my arm twisted to do so... those worms... they cry and whine a lot. It'll be good to be home this week. Happy Monday Angie!

Didja ever follow it upstream to see where it started? (Or at least, where it got diverted onto your property?) That would keep me entertained for days, I think.

Purty! Looks like the snow is dwindling :)

You are ahead of us - no signs of new life yet, but tomorrow we may get a start on things! It's supposed to warm up.


I'm so glad you were able to get outside and see spring starting to arrive.

I am very sorry for what your family is going through. *hugs*

The sound of that stream is wonderful. Thanks.

That is some mighty technology! Thanks for sharing your pretty stream. Mine is practicing collecting raindrops. Glad you got through the beginning parts of grief. You can use them as you step forward.

A sucker stream! How cool. Nutmeg thyme?

I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle, and your mom and geez, any bad news. I hate bad things happening. I have no words of wisdom either, I've never lost anyone to death yet but friends and family have and they all deal with it in different ways. Helpful, no?

How cool that a stream decided to plop itself down on your property? Could it be fed by an underground stream? Looks like spring has sprung for you (except for a freak spring snow storm perhaps?)

I loved the stream.

Two autumns ago: after the August flooding of a year and a half ago? I wonder if something shifted in the groundwater and a spring popped up.

It's very cool. I'm looking hard for signs of spring all over.

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