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Friday, May 06, 2011


Good luck on your transition! And I can't wait to see you in July!

That is some exciting news!!

ROADTRIP!!!!!!! Yeah for being able to go home. :D

Time to dust off the bail fund if Mrs. Pope is going with you. ;^)

I'm so glad you'll be traveling less, sweetie. I hope that gives you more time for your stuff. Say hi to your mom!


Irony that I just emailed about that very subject. I hope you get far more than just weekends at home, but on your terms. I'm not surprised you found friends in the east - you find treasures everywhere. :) If I weren't already scheduled for June...

Change, bah. But more time at home is good! Looks like you all had a ball! Sry. /end corny :)

Hurray for less traveling! And double-hurray for more time at home.
And triple-hurray for finding new friends wherever you go.

Only two months to use my fiber space card. contact me.

Your stitch n pitch looks great. Someday WRIGLEY will have one...until then I have to knit at Snowshoe softball in northern wisconsin

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