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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Very sorry about the "events" but I'm very happy about having to buy a new wardrobe -- especially for healthy reasons.

Hope to hear more from you here.

Don't worry, grain companies, I will bite the bullet and eat Angie's share... ;) Be well, my friend (and stay warm!)

Oh, that's where those pounds cane from! Shopping for smaller stuff is fun - minus the parking hassles.

Here's to a year filled with *fun*events!!

Way to go with the changes! Good to hear about your mom. Here's to a less stressful year.

You are looking great and I know that you're feeling great, too! Happy new year, Angie!

I have lost 25 pounds since going gluten free last May. Like you, I am not 100% strict and that seems to work. Good luck on your shopping trip!

So proud of you! Glad your mom is doing better. Tell her to keep it up!

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