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Friday, June 07, 2013


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I love reading your blogs. I feel like I just had a wonderful visit with you! Hope to see you soon...

Lots of wonderful things growing. Nice. I've heard that you're sposed to transplant peonies in September.
Slugs could be getting your hostas too...
Shoot the deer. Ask questions later. ;)

Slight variation on the 3-S method (shoot, *slice* instead of shovel, shut up)? Your lettuces sound lovely - didn't get going early enough to plant any here, it's already to hot for it to do well.

Don't you just love reading through the lettuce names in SSE's catalog?
Your yard looks much less spooky!

This looks wonderful. I stopped in to mention I'm making your Pork Roast recipe today (from June 2011). Just wanted to let people know it works great in a slow cooker, too.

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