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Sunday, June 03, 2007


I"m not sure one could get a better impromptu shot of a hummingbird! You'd have to be set up, ready for it, with a fast shutter speed to get a better one. Sonnet is looking good!

Beautiful honeysuckle! And nice hummer shot too! I catch them mostly at my feeder though I know they visit my honeysuckle as well but of course mine isn't yet blooming.

When I read the title, my first image was large motor vehicles decked with flowers.... The bird is much nicer, and I'm impressed that you were able to capture it in a picture. That's a lovely rose. I like the way the petal edges look as though they were trimmed with pinking shears.

My suggestion: Neem oil spray. It's organic and good for what ails your plants. I order it from Gardens Alive, which is a wonderful company. I've been ordering stuff from them for years and have no complaints at all. If you have a slug problem I highly recommend their Escargo.

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