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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Enjoy your vacation! I'll be vacationing too (in the Adirondacks) and will have no internet access. Oh well. I haven't had my breakfast yet and that breakfast blog is just gorgeous!! I'm inspired to eat something photogenic. Thanks for the link!

Love that blog link... Thanks for sharing it!

We actually vacationed for a week in Grand Marais, MI, too -- a few years ago. We rented a cute little house, almost across the street from a church that didn't just ding-dong on the hour, every hour, but played actual songs... As I recall, they had tetherball 'round back (school attached? I don't remember). DH and the kids had a great time climbing the dunes (a bit to the west?). It was a great place for a nice, quiet vacation! Have fun relaxing. ; )

Fingers are crossed that you make it home on time and alright.

Have a lovely vacation!

Oh god, that link! The table itself is disgustingly wonderful. As they say in locats, "WANT." Then you notice the slightly off-shaped coffee mug. Deep sigh. It's like my mother-in-law's house without all the political breast-rending and teeth gnashing. Oh, and with meat. If identity theft is the crime of the 21st century, how do I steal that as my life?

Hi Angie,

This is my first attempt at commenting on your blog for the world to see. I just enjoy reading it - you are one interesting gal! My picture on a blog - yikes! The others were fun as is the whole experience of reading about your life experiences. I have never known anyone who stuffed so much into one lifetime and are so happy doing it, too. Happy vacation to you and DN. May it go slowly:)

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