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Thursday, September 06, 2007


The good news is that the Kimono is nice and quick, you'll be ahead of that baby!

It's funny, they talked about grosgrain ribbon at knitting guild tonight and I have used it on one sweater myself and was thinking how come this isn't more common? Then I come here and you're going to use it on Sonnet. It's a revolution, I tell ya!

Hope you get lots of rest this weekend! Blue does look in heaven with his catmint. Hmm, might have to plant some of that in the backyard to entice the neighbor kitties to hang out just a bit more.

I hope Friday brings you the hoped for solace. I love Sonnet and Haiku, too. I knit for lots of babies and now some of my own friends are becoming Grandmas.
Cute kittie. Does blue get a felted mouse a la Wendy knits?

I don't blame you for taking your time with Sonnet.

I'm so jealous of the catmint. I've never had any luck with it. Nip, yes, but not the catmint. Blue seems to be having a nice time.

Happy Weekend!

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