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Sunday, September 23, 2007


I really like this. The color is great and I love the texture. It's also something that I could wear so I might have to make me one this winter. *grin*

Didn't watch the Packer game though. I did watch a little bit of the Notre Dame game yesterday but today was a cleaning frenzy (have no idea why but boy does the house look great) and anyway, I'm more of a Colts fan (being from Indiana originally.

I won't get kicked out of the Wisconsin knitting bloggers union will I?

Wonderful sweater and terrific pictures. You're so lucky to be knitting in Rowan. It's just a bit dear here.
Good multitasking with the game on. How do you eat nachos and knit?

That's a lovely sweater - and a very lovely supervisor!

Pretty! It looks really nice on you.

It's fantastic, Angie!! Congratulations!

Wasn't that a great game? Nice start to the season.

Beautiful sweater & fabulous fit! You got yourself a wardrobe staple. It's just great when a sweater turns out so well.

She's gorgeous! And just in time for sweater season. :D

Now you've got me thinking about knitting one. o.0

Looks lovely and perfectly timed for fall :)

That is a beautiful sweater. Does the pattern suggest the stabilizer in the neckline or did you think that up? Really good Idea anyway!
Also love you helper! Good to have interested kitties supervise.

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