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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Maybe you lost your bracelet so that the bracelet-finder could find it, and experience your kind acknowledgment. Maybe that was the first nice thing anyone has done for her in awhile.

I heard a radio commercial the other day that has really stuck with me. It went something like this: "Today Mary almost made dinner for her elderly neighbor. Today Carl wondered about the old woman next door, and almost checked in her. Today Mary's elderly neighbor almost had her first hot meal in a week. Today Carl's neighbor woman almost heard a kind word of concern for the first time in several months."

Wow, huh? Makes you think.

What a cool story about the bracelet. It's so nice that in turn you apparently made her day a lot better :)

Everything happens for a reason. Maybe the bracelet got lsot so you could touch the bracelet-finder's heart with your thank-you chocolates. The little extra effort it takes to be kind to people we runinto in our daily meanderings is worth it. Hard to do sometimes. Your post reminded me to make that extra effort. Thanks!

It is so neat how our lives intertwine with other people's lives even when we don't realize it. You done good.

Learn to knit in your sleep and you'll get so much more done...NOT! I fell asleep a few times while knitting and had to tink back what I'd done.

Sometimes the silliest things reach me to the very core -- unexpected, thoughtful, touching, sad.

Cat Bordhi -- she's uploaded some how-to videos on YouTube. I've only watched a couple (increases -- and tightening that darn purl stitch) but that'll change. This got me to open a YT account and I've subscribe to her "channel."
; )

Of course you are exceptionally nice. A lot of people wouldn't even know Darryl's name. It shows you interact with people in your life.
Lucky you to go to sock camp with your mom.

I bet she works in an office full of ungrateful thoughtless men. /projecting

Yay for sock yarn!

Now kindly stop thinking so much. *hugs*

Glad the whole bracelet story turned out so well. My guess is she is just a sensitive person, or had the situations been reversed wouldn't have thought of bringing you chocolates, and so thinks you are wonderful and she is a heel. I wouldn't worry about it too much; enjoy your bracelet and wonderful DH, be glad she liked the chocolate, and knit something fun. Have a great weekend!

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