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Sunday, October 14, 2007


I'm proud of you, Angie. Mustn't waste a trip out into the world. ;^)

Isn't it the most annoying thing ever to have one of those scoop thingies snap on you? I cannot believe how much people have the nerve to charge for those things, either. /cranky&cheap

What a lovely little kitty project!

ACK!!! Do not make me think about the unfinished needle punch project sitting in my basket. If I head in there, these socks will never get finished, nor the WAL, and I'll be overcome by guilt for all of the unfinished cross stitch and embroidery things that are hanging around.

ENABLER!!!! By the way, that's a cute one. I'll have to crack out my mags and stash now to find a cute autumn one.

I've never done needlepunching before but yours looks great. I doubt if I could fit one more thing on my plate though.


Need more hours in the day.

And more money in the bank.

YOu can never have too much Cascade 220! The needlepunch project is awesome! So halloweeny.

I don't think I ever made official note of the needles I used for Williamsro -- I'm pretty sure I went down to 11, though, too. Just remember that while the Cash Iroha has no real elasticity on its own, the finished fabric WILL relax and stretch.

OMG!!! I love it!!! I tried needlepunching once, and have a needle (somewhere), and monksfabric (somewhere).

I don't need another project. Argh! ;)

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