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Saturday, October 13, 2007


I really like that sweater. I've been drooling over it for almost a year. I think I got the book for Klaaralund (which I never made) I have done the dog sweater and started and ripped the shawl about 3 times. I just need to find the right yarn for it.

You could always weave while you're waiting for needles! /runs

I told you she was evil...

I hope you look around while you're at the yarn store. You really should make that trip out count. ;^)

Beautiful flower. I brought my parsley in today because I forgot to do it yesterday. It's still okay.

Love those excursions of necessity. :-) I had to buy a 16" size 8 circ yesterday and StuffMart had them in bamboo. To be honest, I prefer my plastic ones but Zach is using them on his project.

I wish I was doing a more relaxing project. Lucky you. My D. has been to Madison and loved it.
I have lots of roses again, but they too are fighting against the light frost. Lucky rose to keep you and your swatch company.

What a beautiful surprise!

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