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Friday, November 09, 2007


Nice knits! I had a special catalog from Anthropologie a month ago or so called "Stitches" -- nothin' but knits and the like.

I'm not much on motifs, whether knitted or crocheted but those are nice patterns.

Hey, if you're doing laundry can I bring mine so you can do it, too?

Why doesn't Great Aunt Jane have her own blog? You know she's far more interesting than most of us knit bloggers.

Good luck figuring out the bag's bottom. I always knit mine bottom up, so I'm no help... as usual.

Happy weekend!

Those are beautiful... :)

I always start a bag with a rectangular bottom of garter stitch, pick up sts evenly all around, then go up. That said, I would think you could do some decreases & knit a flap that is attached to just one edge binding off the rest of the stitches. When your rectangle is finished you could stitch up the three remaining side edges to form the bottom. Just a thought.

My knitting is worth $300.
Because I knit my bag from the bottom up, could I suggest putting the stitches on 4 needles (sides longer than ends, perhaps) and knitting back and forth on the sides while picking up the ends? Do you think that would work?

Wow, that afghan is spectacular! Just the sort of thing I'd get all excited to start ... and then lose interest in really quickly.

The bag is coming along nicely and I hope you have had a great birthday weekend! Sadly, I don't crochet but that scarf is awesome :)

Happy Birthday from Texas! I know a day or two late... Do you have any nice crochet patterns for afghans? I am envious of your knitting skills... something I have never been able to master skillfully.

Nice bag! I've been noticing a lot of handknit looking items in cataglogs and store windows lately. I feel smug and superior knowing I could make them if I wanted to and don't have to buy them.

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