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Monday, November 05, 2007


The lamb's ear is taking over in my garden as well. I probably ought to have worked at garden cleanup yesterday when it was so nice but instead I was gripped by an urgent need to declutter the craft room and declutter I did. Since the trash pickup is this morning, it's probably just as well.

Oh for heaven's sake... I meant to also say Many Happy Returns of the Day! (but I'm up entirely too early as is usual in the first week or two after a time change so I forgot... Happy Birthday!)

Well! Happy Birthday! I'll be marking this date on my calendar for next year. Since people around here don't give advance notice. :P

Ask Cookie... it can take me YEARS to mail something. Dave (as in cabin cove) - I bought him a house warming gift when he moved. It's still in my closet.

Happy Birthday!! Cream cheese frosting is the best part of carrot cake for me, other than the whole cake. I don't have enough sun in my yard for lambs ears, but I used to grow them at my old house. I miss them. I'm traveling too and returning home Friday. Enjoy your birthday week!

Happy Birthday! And I hope the work stress levels off soon. You definitely need a few days in a hunting blind to relax.

Early Happy Birthday Wishes!

I hope Thursday finds you somewhere fiber friendly and quiet.

Stacey has post office issues. Don't ask. You don't want to know. Trust me.

Carrot cake sounds wonderful. I used to make one that called for pineapple. Truly fab.

Happy Birthday! I really like Lamb's ear too... and it does fairly well in our hot, dry texas climate which not too many furry plants can claim :)

Yesssss- I like very low pressure contest. I think I can eck out a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for you, just this once! Hope your coming year is a good one.

Happy Birthday! We used to grow Lamb's Ear & it really is a pretty little plant...Definately knitter appropriate. I find it interesting so many of us knitters have autumn birthdays. I recently celebrated my 39th. Does when your birthday fall have anything to do with the hobbies you will one day like??? Scientific inquiry needed. *g*

My birthday is on Saturday! I'll be 44. There are a lot of people with b-days around this time. It is 9 months after Valentine's Day.;)

Have a wonderful birthday!

Now I want carrot cake!

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