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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I hate that I can never go, but I"m really glad to hear you had a fun time. Thanks for the well wishes--I think I'm slowly getting better. :)

It is good to be a knitter! I get all tongue-tied around knitting celebrities too. Will you be wearing an Elmer Fudd hat while hunting/sitting in your tree?

At least, you won't be killing the tree and bringing it home. ;^)

You are lucky to experience such gifted speakers and knitters.
You are very lucky to spend your time in your tree when so many are complaining about the concrete jungle and loss of contact with nature. Even in my rural home on a salmon river, 5 minutes from the dairy farm I grew up on and the wooded mountain above it, I feel the encroachment of traffic and urban density.
Savour the smells, the strength and age of the tree and how alike you are to the other animals hunting in the forest around you.

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