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Saturday, November 03, 2007


Is the gauge loose enough where it will felt? Other than that, I think it's a great idea to turn it into a bag.

I hope both of you can relax a bit this weekend. Hate to think you'll have to wait two weeks.

I think it's important that we know where our food comes from. Hunting is far more honest in some ways than going to the grocery store.

Can't you get a cat to clean up while you two are out of town?

My husband has been spending the past two weekends getting ready for deer hunting. I look at that time as my vacation. :-)

I think it will make a fantastic bag. I love the colors.

Your project really has the most wonderful colours. You're so smart to take the time to check your work. I've made too many oversized sweaters, even for oversized me.
Hunting, hmm. My son shot his first grouse last month which turned out to ba really safe and positive experience, but my b-i-l snuck it into a visit without telling us. I handled weapons in the reserve forces and ate beef from my own calf pens. But I would have liked my son to have the chance to consider if he wanted to hunt that day or not.

Great idea for turning a frown upside down! :D Amazing what turning off the computer will do for getting things done. I'm not sure if that made sense... but WHOO!

I'm so sorry work is burning you out right now. And I can totally relate on staying off the internet to knit! Ravelry eats time, too. I think that will make a gorgeous bag--Looking forward to seeing it.

What a sensible solution! Turn the sweater into a felted bag! I think the whole sitting in a tree and hunting thing is pretty cool. Can you knit while you're sitting in the deer blind waiting?

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