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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

I haven't figured out a way to combine knitting with exercise (although a stationary bike might work), but the best way I've found to have fun while exercising is dancing.

Ooo in case I don't get a chance to say it tomorrow....Happy Birthday! And thanks for your comment on my blog. Thanks, too, for not thinking I was getting angry about something stupid. :)

I think today's the day! Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy birthday!

As for exercise, a friend of mine who's an exercise physiologist says too many people try to make it fun, and fail. He says a good approach is to just look at it like something you need to do that's good for you. Don't expect a lot of joy out of it, just a long-term improvement in health. Dunno if it works, but it's a different train of thought.

Happy Birthday, Angie!!

I read something in the last week -- horoscope/fitness related -- and it was suggested that a Scorpio might benefit from using a personal trainer, that we are all about pleasure and *e* is definitely not a pleasure for us. It was funny because I'd just been discussing the personal trainer option with another friend -- also a Scorpio, also in the same boat. I'm going to say that there's something to that -- in the accountability department. I have always been most successful when there was someone else depending on me or expecting me -- and while it was more fun with partner(s), it wasn't the "fun" that got me going.


Happy Birthday, girl! You're still young as long as you're enjoying life and you sure sound like you're doing that. :-)

Happy Birthday, Angie!

If you figure out the 'e' thingy, let me know, okay?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) My suggestion for getting *e* into your life (and this works well for me - but I'm not a scorpio...) is to not do something you want (aka knitting) until you at least spend 30 mins walking (or whatever). If you're anything like me, I have to tell someone else my rule or I'll think up ways to bend it... :)

I love Denise Austin's or Kathy Smith's pilates dvd's. They're great workouts w/out the massive sweat factor. I got rid of my post 4 babies tummy to boot w/in a year. I love it. I also took up running for 2mi. every few days. I hate exercise, but the run takes less than 30 min. of my time & then I reward myself w/ doing my pleasurable projects. My daughter does floor exercises while watching tv. I personally make exercise part of my morning routine because if I put it off to later, later never comes. Just like showering or getting dressed, exercise is added to the get ready list.

Happy Birthday Angie!
I didn't mean to miss your virtual birthday party. Hope you like the virtual gift I knit you.

Exercise tip (not that I have used this tip myself, but I could, and will if my ass gets too big): get one of those draw-string sock project bags with a snapped loop so you can hook it from you belt loop. Even I could probably walk and knit on a plain stockinette sock at the same time.

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