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Saturday, December 08, 2007


I see nothing wrong with that meal. :D How about a nice chocolate vodka martini. YUM!

They (the omnipresent "they")said we might get snow down to 2000 ft. I'm at 2800. UGH! Hope the snow and ice isn't bad for you.

Mini-Moo. Is that like Laughing Cow? Looks yummy. I'm so glad the shopping went well. This time of year, going to the mall is so hit or miss.

Her own hair? Suddenly, I have a reason to keep mine long. *L*

Good job on making that list. I love to knit in the tire shop or the mechanic's. It makes them so uncomfortable.

The mitts are looking good! Mr. Kim is taking the laboring oar on X-mas shopping this year (bless his heart!). Interesting about the hair reininforcing sock heels. My hair is way too short for that though.

Hair reinforcement...Great idea when in a pinch for matching nylon. (Though I'd probably only try it for my personal socks...a little icky for a friend's gift. LOL) I love that everyone has been making fingerless mitts lately. I have loved mine & it also was the 1st time I'd ever done a thumb. Love your snack. I have wine instead, but it's always relaxing after a day of shopping craziness. (I am a bit like Laurie Perry, just so you know, w/out the potty mouth :b Waiting til 7pm. is somestimes a struggle.)

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