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Saturday, January 05, 2008


I hear you about the depth of Flickr & Ravelry. I'm browsing Ravelry for the first time ever today (on a friend's account), and holy toledo---I can't believe the amount of information out there. It's staggering!

yup. there are sharks everywhere.

You can control how many of your photos people see by the level you add them on flickr. I have no idea about the friending at Ravelry. It seems to be people trying to look popular by adding anyone, which is an old Live Journal trick. Like any of that matters.

Oh, and I can't swim, so maybe that's why I avoid both of those sites. *L*

I strongly suspect that the Great White Sharks are cruising U Tube for teens and young adults, not knitting sites.

Flickr does allow you to control what is public and what is not. "Friending" in Ravelry allows one to see what people with similar interests are knitting and queuing - Ravelry isn't giving out personal information - just what the user has put in their profile about blogs (which are already public domain), location (if the user put much there), etc.

Again, I suspect the Great White Sharks are cruising other oceans. I wouldn't put my cell or home address on any site.

I'm tempted to join the ABC Along but I really need to be on the computer less so I can actually get things done so I'm not sure it would be a good idea.

I'm even thinking of spending less time on Ravelry. Or maybe even no time at all.

Gasp. I can't believe I said that.

You know, you can even turn off those notifications from Flickr -- but that's about the extent of my knowledge on that. ; )

Here's how I look at it: You can't know everything and you sure can't keep up with everything! I don't even try!! I know the very basics about both Flickr and Ravelry -- enough to participate -- at the level I want and am comfortable with (more or less). Delving into the depths of either of those things is NOT what I want to spend my time doing. I take pictures and I like to share them: Flickr. I knit and I like to keep track of it: Ravelry.

Oh, one other thing I'll say about the Contacts on Flickr -- because the ABC-Along group is by invitation only (so that there can be some control and a limit), there is a certain amount of "contact" necessary. Also, when you sign on to Flickr, you will see a little preview of recent photos that your contacts have posted.

I have a few photos/sets on Flickr of my nephews that I've marked "private" -- though I can indicate that contacts who are either Friend and/or Family can view them.

Basically, it's stuff like that. I lost track with tech a long time ago and I'm a little bit geek, but not enough to spend hours and hours and hours figuring out this stuff.

Sorry to commandeer your comments. ; )

I'm there hanging onto the side of the dock next to you. I thought Ravelry would be a great way to get my knitting organized. But I find that the learning curve is a bit steep and takes time from actual knitting. I'll keep pecking away at it. I have a few FO's not published, but that doesn't mean they didn't make great gifts.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
I am my mother after all?

I know where you're coming from.

I am so behind the curve on this stuff... At some point you just have to decide that you know enough to get by. We only have so much time! I think you're doing a fabulous job on your blog and everything else you appear to have going on in your life!

I'm swimming in the same pool and can barely dog paddle. I still need to figure out how to send Flickr photos to my blog. I have no clue what a Flickr "contact" is. Watch out for the jelly fish.

Ravelry and Flickr do have so many layers. I've barely scratched the surface myself. I figure when I feel I need to know, I'll figure it out. Best wishes for the New Year!

Ravelry IS mind-boggling.

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