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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I'm sick of the weather.

I think there might be TWO yarn/fiber shops in downtown Fond du Lac -- The Knitting Room and Woolgatherers -- and they might even be in the same general area (I suppose they would be, since downtown FDL isn't really all that big).
; )

CAN YOU READ ME NOW? (Couldn't resist.)

Welcome back :D I haven't wanted to kill anyone yet, so my re-entry has been a success. I think. The week is not over. They're issuing blackberrys to everyone where I work to. I've avoided it so far. They can reach you everywhere.

Sounds like you've more than earned some yarn. ;^)

I hope your weather gets better! Snow can be nice and bright and crisp, but fog and rain just is bleary.

Good luck with your new phone.

Have fun in Fon du Lac - don't you love Wisconsin city names??

They're predicting 3 inches of snow tonight.

Just when you though we were going to see the grass.

Re-entry stinks. The prospect of visiting yarn shops should be a bit of fun though.

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