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Monday, January 21, 2008


Make washcloths or plain scarves. It's easy with a cold. Ask me how I know. :D

Although sitting on the couch, reading and watching wildlife sounds like a wonderful day.

Love the cat gallery!! And I can't wait to see that bag.

You'll love this - my new favorite yarn store has on display a beautiful black felted bag adorned with hundreds of colorful bobbles. The owner insisted that I take it down from the shelf and look inside - and lo, the lining had been painstakingly embroidered in a coordinating pattern of fingering-weight wool. Not one speck of the lining fabric was showing through. It was a true work of art.

Feel better!

How about a nap with a cat or two? Who needs to knit? ;^)

You really do have a two headed cat! I know the weird noise cats make when they look at birds or squirrels. Maybe that noise could be turned into a cell phone ring tone.

Who needs TV? Hope you're feeling better. I read Ian McEwan's Atonement during my cold and not only do I feel better, but I am on track with my book club.

I always love watching the cat watch something outside. Ours isn't too interested in squirrels but birds and bunnies. Hope you are feeling better!

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