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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Fine. You tease with the yummy fruity goodness? I tease with... it was in the 70's yesterday and I was in shorts for a while.



He missed the action?! Maybe the cat should take the photos next time. ;^)

I love a galette! Although, I will never understand a wool-free freezer. :p

Damn, you're not kidding about the cold in Wisconsin. It's cold. Even cold would say it's cold. Better luck next time White Dot! Martha herself couldn't make a better galette.

I can't believe Kitty would go outdoors in this awful cold.

Your galette is gorgeous! Aren't those fun to make? Especially fun and quick with frozen crust. Mmmm....

we tried putting cayenne pepper in our bird feeders to dicourage the squirrels but this only seemed to encourage them. I think I heard one say "oooh! cajun!"

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