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Monday, February 18, 2008


I'm so glad your mom made it back OK - she must be quite an adventurer!

We didn't get much snow - but it's still snowing a bit, so who knows. The rain was certainly a mess - the village guys were all out trying to keep the storm sewer grates clear, because all the side streets were flooding like crazy.

I couldn't do without my morning cup, with a good slug of skim milk. We just got a Mr. Coffee - not super high end but with a few gadgets (a clock/timer, adjustable brew strength) - it works quite nicely!

I use a Cuisinart DCC-2000FR Coffee On Demand Coffee Maker and LOVE it! It heats all around so even with it on for 4 hours, it doesn't taste burnt.
MMMMMmmm tapas! I must try the teriaki chicken one. One of my favorites is walnut and blue cheese grapes. Sounds odd, but it is wonderful! I also made one with fish bruschetta style.
Glad mom made it home ok. She deserves a nap!

I hope winter eases up on you for a bit. Your poor Mom. Glad she's back home. We also make coffee in a stove-top percolator. I used to drink my coffee black but now I'm a milk & sugar woman.

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