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Monday, February 04, 2008


Spring springs eternal! Love the crocus purples and golds in that shawl. Doesn't the ground hog always see his shadow?

I see iris and tulips! :D Maybe Phil doesn't know what he's talking about. Maybe the power of knitters, knitting spring intentions into their projects will work. (have you seen Margene's shawl?)

I don't know about spring, but right now I'd be happy with a little less weather. We usually have overcast and warm rain. Today it was snow and wind warning. Isn't that your weather? If you're looking for it, you can have it back. Maybe some February romance will heat things up.

Ooohh! Pretty wool!

The shawl is yummy - keep thinking spring, my friend, because what's going on outside the window right now is most definitely winter at its stinking worst! Every school in sight is closed over here, and I'm going to work from home, hunkered down for the duration.

I'm salivating over that shawl. I love it.

I got up at 6 a.m. and shoveled about 5 inches of snow off the driveway so my husband could get home and it looks like that wasn't even going to be half of it.

School is canceled for tonight, thank goodness, so I'm staying inside and drinking hot tea and knitting my fingers off while watching all the dvds I got from the library yesterday.

Hope to catch you in Beaver Dam sometime soon. If the weather will cooperate.

Such pretty colors! I hope you get spring soon. My family didn't get hit so hard in Oshkosh, but aren't you farther south? I hope you've been able to dig out.

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