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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


That would drive me crazy too. I haven't seen anything like that at the A&P where I shop, not that I've been grocery shopping lately. Our cupboards are almost bare. Must shop.

There is nothing wrong with staying in the house for weeks on end. This is why we have FedEx, ya know. ;^)

I know what you mean about the waste. I've noticed it myself. There are people out there who are only concerned with themselves. Thursday on campus some jerk parked in the driving lane like it was a parking spot, blocking any traffic and just walked calmly into the building. One woman who was trying to get out just sat in her car and stared at him for a while before backing all the way up the parking lot to go around the other way. And this was a young spry kind of guy.


I remember that housebound feeling. You should get a rigid heddle loom to pass the time. :D


Angie, this is why we hate people!!

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