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Friday, February 15, 2008


Ohmygosh, I love mussels! Yum! Too bad I don't get up to Fon du Lac much, but we do have a seafood store within walking distance.

I remember when West Towne Mall opened - it was DA BOMB, let me tell you. It was the closest mall to where I grew up (about 20 minutes away). And I also remember those big old piles of snow from way back when! We've turned into sissies, I think. I have absolutely no idea where we're going to put this next dumping.

Happy Saturday!!

Too bad they can't ship the mussels out here. YUMMM! Very good restraint! I went into a yarn shop on Thursday and didn't buy a thing. I know! Shocking!
Punchneedle huh? So, when do we get to see more of those projects? (mine is in a bag collecting dust)

More yumminess! I see you bought the new IK. There are some lovely patterns in there. I am very curious about Apples. I have never used an Apple but have heard good things about them. Lots to investigate before we buy a new computer (which won't be for a while I hope)

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