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Sunday, March 30, 2008


You were out having a life. That's a good thing. It gives you blog fodder and we all need that.

I blame winter and the cats for your studio looking the way it does. You just know the cats are in there touching stuff when you're not home.

Now why does it seem like everyone around me have signs of spring. But oh no, not here in NYC. I have yet to walk past a blooming flower. Sigh. I know it will come. Oh you should have taken a picture of your studio pre cleaning up the mess.

It's all White Dot's fault. YOU HAVE A STABLE!! That thing (in the raised bed picture) would be PERFECT for housing an alpaca or two. :D Just helping you out.

Yeah! That whole losing weight while you're sleeping isn't fair!

it's this time of year that always makes me regret not having crocus(i?) planted!

The spring is here when we give up knitting time to organize the stash. It's a sickness that I welcome, except when it bleeds into my pantry and linen closet.

Our first crocuses bloomed this weekend too. And I alos did not post this weekend as I intended. Still haven't. Soon. Also, I'm still thinking on the Forest Canopy KAL. Sea Wool is so wonderful! Good choice.

Ooooh, your crocus is so lovely and hopeful!! Maybe we'll have some soon! And I LOVE your FC yarn choice - just wonderful!

Ah, but a bear coming out of hibernation must also evacuate its *plug*. I'll let you figure that out. (Guess who is finally catching up on her Bloglines?)

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