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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sounds like you had a great time with Mom. You'll have to keep us updated on Mom's progress too.

Put the loom together. It'll make you feel good. You won't get addicted. I swear! Just take one little puff. :D

How can you stand it? I've taken her book out of the library so many times- never found one near, yet. I love the rhythm of lace and you got to work with the composer.

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time in that class. It's great when you really feel like you got something out of it. Isn't it amazing how the same shawl can look so different with a slight modification of the edging and yarn choice. I particulalry like the STR one. Good luck. Look forward to all the updates.

You sure learned a lot! I think a worsted weight shawl is a great idea. Much warmer & cozier and more substantial than lace or sock weight yarn.

Oh, what fun! I think yours is going to look best of all, but I love the "test models," too.

Thanks for the report. I've been curious about the class and what you and your mom thought.

Isn't the provisional cast on the coolest thing?

Ya know, they call her evil Stacey for a reason. ;^)

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