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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Angie - for shame! A Certified Cheesehead saying the chili was good "even with the mountain of cheese"??? Don't you mean "because of the mountain of cheese?"

Looks like you're having a great time. Next time you're in Brew City, we need to go to Real Chili. Bring your Maalox.

HOLY HOTDOG Batman! Those are huge! So the 3-way is spaghetti, chili and cheese? Or are there hot dogs on top too?

I wish I had known! I would have drug you and Dan to Crazy Otto's. Next time!

::: repeating to self "do not touch the 3 way, do not touch the 3 way" ::: SEE! I can behave. Kind of.

I've had that three way. I'll never be the same again. o.0


Never eat anything bigger than your head.

Oh my GOD!!!! I gasped when I saw that photo of the awesome food. Sounds amazing! The Coney dogs are to die for!

Definitely cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate in the Skyline chili. Did you make it to any LYS in Cincinnati? We have some very good ones here.

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