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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Both socks and irises are lovely! I like the sock photo with the sky in the background, too.

Yay for the Jaywalkers!!! Great job!

The irises are lovely. If we have a chance to get together around splitting time, I'd love some. I've got small purple irises and ferns to burn, so some trading will be in order!

Yes, I'd love an iris. And I love your Cookie in the Sky shot of the socks. I haven't finished a pair in a very long time but maybe soon. And who doesn't read plant books in bed?

Great socks and lovely irises.

I agree with Joan. Nothing at all odd about reading gardening books before bed.

Those Jasywalkers look fanatastic on your feet with the blue sky as background. Well done! I love not so common colored irises (and any irises really)! Sign me up for a couple roots when you divide them. While I don't have sun in my yard, they would be gorgeous planted up in the Adirondacks in my aunt's yard (you know how much I adore going up there for summer/fall weekends).

I recognize those socks! I think they were featured with a (crap I forgot the gun I was holding) Good to see they're finished. Just wait till you see what I got done on my vacay.

Love those Jaywalkers! Congrats on getting them suckers off the needles. Very liberating, hunh? I adore your photo with them up to the sky. I think if I did that here in NYC, my landlord will think I have truly lost it. Very purty Irises!

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