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Monday, May 26, 2008


I'm so excited about the irises. My Siberian Irises look like they will bloom this week.

Actually, there is a trend amongst the Deaconage towards ordination as a second career. Some of these men teach at my son's school and they bring a great perspective because they had successful careers before their vocations. I have a good friend who is a retired teacher but is slowly working on certification in pastoral counseling at the seminary. She plans to work in a hospital setting.

Have you worked with Fixation before? I have some in my stash, but have not made socks from it. I like the black and white.

Lovely footies! I'm glad you tested gauge with the Fixation... now I can follow your lead when I'm ready to return to mine!

The irises are so pretty! I have a stand of deep purple Siberians (I think that's the variety anyway) in a sheltered spot that have almost bloomed out, and a bunch more facing the opposite way that should bloom this week. My tall bearded irises (in purple and yellow/burgundy) generally bloom in early June. I'm so excited for the possible addition of some white ones!

Interesting that you grew up in Wisconsin and never attended a Catholic mass before now. I was raised Protestant, but what with various weddings and baptisms, and then of course teaching in a Catholic school, I was quite familiar with the drill. (Funny story: my mother-in-law, a Jewish lady from Long Island, was a librarian in a Catholic school here for years. She used to go to school mass and the nuns loved having her sit right up front with them. Cute!)

I have never knitted with the Fixation. Good to know about the gauge thingy if I get a chance to work with it. It's a smallish enough project to travel with but should hopefully hold you over for a couple of weeks until the start of SOS. I find that people who basically take on a drastically different second career after their first, is because their second one is where their passion truly lies within them.

I've never used fixation either. Hmmm. I smell a trend here!

What are you going to be when you grow up? The girls have narrowed it down for me. :D

The Harlequin socks look nice with those irises in the background. Love the black/white combo of the Cascade Fixation (I 've never knit weith that yarn) but please know that I am afraid of mimes. Don't dress up like a mime when you finish these socks! :)

I can't wait to hear how things go with the Fixation. I'm with Joan and Nora.

Oh, and thanks, but no thanks on the irises. I've served my time and then some.


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