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Saturday, May 31, 2008


You look beautiful! :D We'll get there with the knit along. :D YEAH! WEAVING! I take it the loom is built? When are we warping on?

What a great day! I can't believe you bought the Habu! Get a raise, didya? What will you do with it?

Looks like a fun filled day! When I first saw the shawl pic I thought maybe you had finished one of yours. Of course as I read I realized. It is gorgeous. Don't you just wonder how yarn just up and jumps into your basket? So Habu has stainless steel in it? Interesting.

Next time you impulsively find yourself in my neighborhood, you must impulsively pick up the phone!! ; ) It definitely looks as though a good time was had by all (some more than others, perhaps).

Loved the post. Sounds like a perfect day to me.
You are one ambitious lacy knitter...;-)

The shawl is beautiful! I've got to move it to the top of my list.

I think bloglines hates one of us.

I'm so glad you ladies had such a wonderful outing. I think I love that shawl. Like I need another shawl. *L*


I've had that shawl queued for a few weeks. Now I have to get myself enough Sea Wool or Sea Silk to make it. Or maybe I have some? Let me know when you're ready to start.

A FEW cones of cotton rug warp? Everybody, she bought a TON. Clearly this blogger is trying to cover up the fact the she is a YARN HOOR!

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