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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Oh, honey, I am so sorry that the fleece is gone. Are you sure you're going to let the husband live?

The bread looks lovely.

(((((ANGIE))))) My heart hurts for you. I'm so sorry about the fleece! We'll make this work. You'll see.

Warp the loom... we'll loom together. :D

Oh, Angie. That just stinks.

I imagine DH feels worse about it than you do.

The bread looks lovely... I hope it makes you feel better!

What kind of clay cooker did you use?
I checked on their site and saw this one


I use a columbian clay pot for my bread and I add some pilzner beer to help the yeast rize better. Really recommend a video

http://www.cooksillustrated.com podcast about no kneed bread.

I have a blog too where I cook in clay maybe you would like it http://www.creativeclaycooking.com


Oh I am so sorry to hear about the fleece! Unfortunately things like this can happen and I know he feels really bad about it. On a bright note, the bread looks yummalicious!

oh no oh no oh no oh no....

Hooray you bought a fleece! It's best to fess up, especially if the fleece is in a garbage bag and could be mistake n for garbage by the uninformed.

So sorry to hear about the fleece, on a positive note your husband takes out the garbage.

I was just talking about this sort of thing the other day when my mother told me that she thinks she sent $2000+ cash to be recycled (I am optimistic that it was hastily misplaced and will yet turn up), like the time my godson's family's Christmas presents (including $1000 cash) were all gathered together in a trash bag... you know where it ended up.

It downright STINKS! I am so sorry for your loss.

I'm so sorry to hear about your fleece. For your bread try it without the top on, the top might be keeping it too moist. Also you can try, again without the top, putting in a broiler pan or cookie sheet under your clay cooker and add a cupful of hot water. Be careful not to get it on your cooker it might crack. This really makes a nice crust, I've also just misted inside my oven but not with a clay stone inside.


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