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Thursday, May 01, 2008


I did the closet cleaning last fall. I added more color to mine, so don't ask me. I fear it has to be done again.

Woodchuck as in beaver or as in groundhog. (it all depends upon your neck of the woods. It's the whole soda, pop, cola debate on a different level)

Would that be a Cocktail Weinermobile?

You could weave that project. *ahem*

Even with the triple play hotdog? DAY-AM! You must be walking a bunch. I know clothes are loose, but I'm not looking until I see the doc in a few weeks.

Is that the same mom who reads my blog? Don't let her see Friday's post. However if you want to send other members of your family over. *ahem. JUST KIDDING! :D

Going now before I use up too much of your comment space.

Stacey blames you and you are inspired by her...something is wrong with this picture. Black is always the new black...just add lots of color and have fun making it not so somber. (I wore it for years and it's a good closet basis.)

I think Cookie and I have the same size feet, so we're OK. But how do my feet figure in here, anyway?

Angie, if you hadn't noticed, I was in black from head to toe (with the exception of my purple blouse and Oscar) when we dined the other night, so I'm definitely all about the black. Same deal today, only with poison green as my color. I think I have 10 pairs of black pants, 6 black jackets, one black suit, and at least 8 pairs of black shoes.

Good for you on the poundage!! I ate twice as much as you the other night so I'm not going to bother to look.

Nora and I do have the same size feet and I still don't think they're small. They're just girl feet.

We call her evil Stacey for a reason.

I heard something about slate being a good newish color, but I don't think you can go wrong with black. Then again, I like a nice pinstripe. What do I know?

Gray is the new black but everything I buy lately is yellow or orange or green. But I think brown looks better than gray or black on most people.

Nora kind of has small everything. Except her heart, which is larger than most.

Yeah for the two pounds!!

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