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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I'm so glad you got things cleaned up. Looks like the stash didn't take a hit - whew!!

You'll have a great time at the game - the stadium makes the experience about more than just baseball. Eat some Dippin' Dots!!

Can't wait to see what you decide about the hair!

Glad to see great progress on the clean up! Normalcy one step closer to you guys. What a great way to celebrate a return from Iraq. Enjoy the game! I second Nora on the Dippin' Dots. Yum!

I love that DH is concerned about your lack of blogging. How cute is that?
Enjoy the game!

Oh the possibilities! And not just with the studio. Go in to your stylist and ask her... if she could do anything with your hair, what would she do - given the texture, your face shape, etc. Tell her you're up for a change for the summer (and maybe beyond) and see what she recommends. She may have an idea or two that you may end up liking.

Enjoy the game! You soo deserve a massage too. Why not have DH do some guest posting if he's into it.

Aren't they still on strike?

I'm so glad that things are getting back to normal over there.

The man who keeps pulling a "Wilson" wants you to post more? Interesting...

If you didn't love the plastic containers for their organizing, you will now for their protection. You're smarter than you knew.

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