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Sunday, June 29, 2008


What gorgeous cherries and the clafouti looks delicious! I've made those a few times before though I can't recall if I've ever done a cherry one.

Forget the pits, rum adds flavor!

OMG that looks amazing!!

Oh yeah... you definitely need the rum next time. Even if it's just for sips to help the cook. Just sayin' :D
Looks yummy... hows the loom?

YUM! I would ditch the pits too. Gosh wish my store bought cherries looked as good as those. :-)

How totally fun and wonderful!!

I probably would have substituted vanilla for the rum. And definitely, pit the cherries!


I'm so jealous. We didn't get any cherries this year from our dwarf tree.

I've got some fertilizer spikes to plant this fall so I hope that works for next year.

What a joy and celebration of summer. We've only just received our good weather. The strawberries are still being picked.

Those cherries look amazing - I hope ours ripen soon!

CHERRIES!!!!!!! I love sour cherries. One year I made jam and another year pies.

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