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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Short rows are the way to go!

I love that little face, too.

Gorgeous hollyhocks, and I *love* the kitty photo!

Nice job on the toe. My toe ups always look funny and I rip them.
I'm starting a sock tomorrow - if I remember how.

Cute kitty!! Great sock toe! Lovely hollyhocks! You've got it all over here!

Had lunch at the Sow's Ear yesterday - I thought about you.

Is Leon's the same as the Leon's in Milwaukee?

Congrats on venturing into toe-up socks! It's looking good. Pretty yarn colors. Are you just doing a basic toe-up sock pattern? The hollycocks are beautiful. Love the kitty photo.

Nice sock! It coordinates well with the thyme. That's one of my SOS goals: to knit a sock toe-up with that weird short row heel with all the wraps & turns.
Wow, that cat is hopped up on the catmint. What stoned feline face!

Yeah! Go Team SOCK! I loved Judy's cast on... until I was told how to do short rows. I'm such a fickle knitter.
Gorgeous hollyhock! And Blue too!
Good to hear you got the cottage cleaned out. Is that the hunting cottage? :D

I have some "black" hollyhocks that replant themselves nicely every year. (It's biennial but there's always a new crop coming along.) I *love* your kitty picture! I'm thinking of planting some catnip and catmint out back to attract more neighbor kitties to the yard to keep the chippy population down a bit (or at least to keep them from digging near my foundation). My own kitties are strictly indoor as they are adoptees.

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