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Monday, July 21, 2008


Adorable contest winnings! You are on a roll in that department, arne't ya? LOL I have always wanted to take pottery lessons but never managed to get around to it. In elementry school working with clay was always my favorite art project. My mother still has the couple pieces I made way back then. Good luck with the construction! Got everything crossed for ya.

That sheepy is a sweetie. Who knew that sheep had big blue eyes and buck teeth? Good luck with the renovations!

Thanks Angie. The alpaca farm is Greendale is just down the road from a soap maker and my favourite potter. Some day I may have time to take up another obesession. Best wishes for a speedy recovery (reno).

The sheepie is so cute!

www.poledanzer.com/ They have all kinds of poles. Good luck with the re-model!

I can't do HTML here! Poop!


How adorable! Of course cookie knows where to get the stripper poles.


I googled!

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