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Monday, July 28, 2008


Great to see the renovations starting. I have been using one of those tooth brushes for a while now and I love it. One of my Dr's suggested I try it because radiation can destroy the gums and my gums are in great shape despite the treatment.
I can touch poison ivy without getting a rash as can my younger son. My elder son is another story.

Ahhh the sunroom lookies so much better now that the renovations have begun. Bye bye poison ivy! Hooray for you joining curves again. You are going to love it. Those little electric toothbrushes are awesome. I've been using a Sonic one for several years now and they do make a world of difference.

How exciting! I bet you'll love coming home and seeing the changes. :D

No mo moat! Yippee! Holy moly, you had a jungle of poison ivy around your sun room. Scary & itchy! Keep posting removation progress pics! I should get one of those toothbrushes. My son has one and he loves it (and so do his teeth)

I've never seen poison ivy. We have stinging nettle and devil's club. The reno looks so huge! Too bad you don't have a really big toothbrush to clean up there. I'm crazy about my Sonicare toothbrush, though it was a bad choice for an Xmas present. My dentist says my teeth look "young".

I just bought an electric toothbrush after my dentist told me to. It would probably work better if I took it out of the box.


Yay, for no poison ivy!!! Thanks for the info on the tooth brush!

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