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Friday, July 25, 2008


Woo Hooooo! An accomplishment! Doesn't it feel GREAT??? I love finished pieces. Way to go Angie-O!!!

Beautiful weaving, I'm quite jealous ;)

Congrats on rejoining Curves. Frumpy mom is something I've often called myself, hence the recent bike purchase.

Love the weaving!

I hope you enjoy your Curves experience! Good for you for taking the first step!

There's nothing frumpy about a woman who can churn out such a gorgeous weaving. Your words are gobbledegook to me, but I'm mesmerized.
As long as you're exercizing for your inner self, I say go for it.

Wonderful! How'd the runner come out today?

Lovely weaving!

I'm proud of you for joining the gym! I like frumpy hag. Maybe I'll go with that when I turn 40. *L*


Gorgeous weaving!

Angie --What an impressive beginning on the weavings. Was that the yarn that you bought on our yarn road trip back in June with Anne, Meg and Kath??? I think we are due for another adventure sometime in September or October!!!! Anne is saving her onion skins and queen ann's lace for natural dyeing. Or we could just go enjoy the beauty of Wisconsin Roadways in the fall and see some more knitting stores.

I am so taken with this weaving thing! Great table runner. I think you look fab & late 40s. But I hear you on the getting fit thing. Good luck! I've heard good thing about Curves.

Great weaving! I totally don't understand the terms beyond warp and weft, but it looks very nice.

Good luck with the Curves! I think frumpiness is a state of mind, and being more active can certainly bring about positive change. I'm on a mission to be able to do a real push-up. I've never been able to do one, so mid-40s might be too late. I'm working my way horizontal; I currently use the back of the couch, but I'm almost ready to graduate to the ottoman.

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