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Saturday, August 09, 2008


I'm sorry your scheduler isn't being nice to you. Yeah, I did that as part of my job for two branches. Need me to talk to her? O.o

You still need to give us some Friday-worker Eye Candy. :D

Have fun with the family today. Miss you!

Oh, yum. Someone else I know makes a "club sandwich" salad - similar, and so good.

Have fun, and don't work too hard!!!

I hope you're having a lovely day with your family. Where is that construction worker eye candy?!


That salad sounds absolutely scrumptious. Your construction photos are reminding me of the summer we started the remodel on our house; I may need to do a post about that. It was... interesting.

BLT Pasta salad! I'm drooling. Enjoy your Christmas in August!

More bacon! You need a Christmas with that big construction in your yard! Let's change the level of sanity for your scheduler? Start with good euphamisms for his position (slave driver, time bender) and respond with undeciferable acronyms, then ask obscure questions about unimportant events that are in 10 months.

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