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Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's all so green!

I hope today is restful and relaxing for you, sweetie. Sounds like you more than deserve it.


Oooo, fried brats weren't a choice in KnittyOtter's survey, only roasted or barbecued! ;-)
Looks all lovely and green there, for sure. There's definitely a fall look to the light these days, so I can pretend it will be here soon even though it's still ugly hot out there. Hang in there! Soon the house will be done, the fall will be here with the changing leaves and the bit of frost and Halloween and all those wonderful things. YAY!

Wasn't that humidity awful? It was hard to believe that the temp wasn't even 80 degrees; it was just stifling. But on Friday evening it all went away and now it is definitely cool here -- I had to close the bedroom window last night (wah!) for the first time since May or June.

Have a great time! There will be beer with those brats, right? ;-)

Your addition looks WONDERFUL!! I didn't think "jack-o-lantern" until you mentioned it. Real windows and doors, siding (or whatever you're doing on the outside), plantings and furnishings -- it'll be FANTASTIC!

Rest, relax, drink a few for me! love your Halloween decorations! Still going with orange siding

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