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Sunday, August 03, 2008


*hugs* You're doing great! I agree that the atmosphere does make the difference. The meal sounds wonderful.
Don't over do it and don't get discouraged if you don't reach the goal. Sometimes we're hardest on ourselves. :D Just sayin'

You are getting a pretty good workout moving all your stuff too! Gardening and housework are good exercise, so keep that in mind too. And atmosphere does make a tremendous difference, even though we think it shouldn't. I hope things improve at your local Curves.

Oh, yum!

Go Angie!! You're doing great! Remember not to be too hard on yourself, and get plenty of protein. You rock, girl!!

I always suggest goals that are less empirical. Increased energy, fluidity of movement, confidence to dance. Numbers suck.

Smoked lake trout. I really do love your Wilson.

Sounds like you worked out over the weekend, too. ;^)

I've heard about Curves and I think the atmosphere is a big part of it. If you can't do your thing in peace, it's not going to be as enjoyable for you and you'll be more likely to not go or find something else to do.

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