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Monday, August 11, 2008


Beautiful socks! You'll love CCSR. Really. I promise. I can't wait to see your Forest Canopy. Don't worry... I'm not ready for Icarus yet.

They look like zebras. :-)

I love them.

I finally finished the footies I made with the Fixation I won last year on your blog. I loved knitting with it and since I made it for my Mom with her tiny feet, I had plenty left over so I can repair them when they wear out.

I have 4 balls of Fixation. You're giving me ideas. Those are very fetching, Ms. Angie!

Great socks! I call that pose the "praying feet."

I could use a pair like that today it's so chilly!!! Very sassy and zebra-like!

I'm liking your cool new zebra socks! Awesome job on getting those babies done.


It's about time you stopped showing those socks around and finished them.

Ya know, I'm more than willing to knit socks for you. Just sayin'...

The footies are cute!

Your Great Aunt Madolyn reminds me of my grandmother. Sharp as a tack at 94 and if she hadn't broken her hip and was forced to move out of her house, would probably be celebrating her 100th birthday this Nov.

And - has there been framing?

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