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Monday, August 25, 2008


Fuzzle is a riot. And adorable.

I'm glad you conquered the work mountain. Better times ahead, right? Take care of yourself, dear Angie, and do enjoy your time in the car! It can be quite therepeutic!

Fuzzle reminds me of this cat.

Oops, link didn't work.

Fuzzle looks totally freaked out! What a hilarious photo!

Fuzzle has the look of "Oh mom not again! I'm gonna get you now.". Adorable in a freaky way. I checked out the Baggo link. I'm sure it's harder than what it looks? I know some people who have played something like this but with washers (not washing machines but the little tiny washers used behind bolts). Can be very entertaining!

My Fuzzle! What did you do to him? Vacay time? Fiberfest in a week? Wool makes everything better!

Fizzle love!

Hai, Aunt Jane!

Are you familiar with Rock 'n Wool in Poynette? Is it a gathering? A business? I found the beginnings of a website but it's a shell at this point. Seems to be connected with Lapacek's Orchard maybe?

Just curious and thought you might know...

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