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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


It sure is pretty. A pleasant surprise. :D I love to just let things grow where they seed. I built a garden bed around some roses that put up their roots in the middle of the yard. The landlord had been mowing them for years and they kept trying.


I call those "Volunteers" and always welcome them. I have a pink petunia volunteer in my sweet pea pot which is interesting because it's been some years since I grew any thus it must have come from someone else's yard. Birds helping out maybe? I've also got some volunteer Rudbeckia along the fence in the back yard. I have that growing along the opposite side of the house up front.

Yeah Scarlett O'Hara: As God is my Witness I Will Survive!

Gloria Gaynor?

I love an unexpected surprise like that. Makes you think something is right in the world.

I'm horrible at the name game, so I won't even try. ; ) Those volunteers do bring great big smiles, don't they? I have johnny jump-ups between the bricks leading to our front porch -- my faves.

"Porky's Surprise" - in honor of Petunia Pig - Porky's girfriend! Yeah - it's a stretch but everyon els already took the whole volunteer thing!

Against All Odds :-)

So much better than the weeds that grow in my driveway! Pretty petunia.

What a lovely surprise!

How awesome! I love those volunteer surprise plants. Near the post office, there is a volunteer purple petunia growing out of a crack in the sidewalk!

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