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Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm reading this on Tuesday so you're OK!

Safe travels, Ange. You have a lot going on right now - deep breaths, and keep exercising! It helps, especially when you least want to do it!


Yes, the traveling will help! The DH can deal with the construction headaches and you'll get to come home to see the progress. :-)

Just think how lovely it will all be once it's done and you can enjoy your stripper pole.

I love that shower stuff, too.


Well I am a day behind in reading this - and it's Wednesday now - so your post title applies to me. :-) It's amazing where we find the ability or time to think things through. For you it's in the air and for me it's when I am running. I'm glad you are getting the sunroom and basement done all in one construction shot. It will be alot easier for you this way and at least you'll be traveling while it's happening.

Geez, I'm not even sure what day it is. Thursday? Whenever I'm flying, I tend to think things like "wow, we're really high up here" "Please don't hit the terminal" "Damn. Why didn't I drive?"

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