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Friday, September 05, 2008


Better drywall than plumbing repair. :-D
Have a great day off! Even chores are better when you're supposed to be working.

Have a wonderful day! I can smell the tomato sauce now... I wish I were joining you tomorrow.


I can't wait to hear that report on WI S&W. Please take pictures!

I wanna come with! ^^

Woo hoo! Have a great time at the S&W festival. I'm jonesing for a fiber festival but the next one isn't until early October (NJ) and then Rhinebeck in mid-October. The shredded carrots in the sauce is an excllent idea. So simple but I'll bet it adds so much.

Lovely tomatoes! A co-worker with a garden keeps bringing us tomatoes. We blanch and peel them and then just puree them with our stick blender and freeze it. The carrots sound like a good idea.

Oh, those tomatoes look delicious!! I didn't get any good tomatoes from my garden this year. YUM!

Argh, I didn't know you be there or we could have arranged to meet. Dang! I bet we were in the same building on Saturday as I was in the Russian lace class at the back. There was a spinning class right next to us and another up front. We also tried without success to find the Rav meetup. The maps were all gone by the time we picked up our tickets so Rose wrote out some hand written directions and they just didn't do the trick. We did find Rome but after milling about around the Fire station we gave up and headed for home while it was still light enough to find the way. I'm so bummed I didn't get to meet you!

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