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Friday, September 12, 2008


Looks like fun! We recently had an out of town Raveler come to our knit night - it was great!

Looks like fun. I've only been to the huge overwhelming fiber festivals and the mobbed insane Ravelry after-parties. Wow, there's actually room to move around and talk to people and get to know them. Cool.
I'm going to the NJ Sheep & Wool in a few weeks. It will be my first small & manageable festival!

Looks like a wonderful gathering that was a lot of fun.

In the picture with Anne and MaisyMae, as well as in the picture with me later, is Jenny/Tua Bella -- she's a mod for the On Wisconsin group on Ravelry.

And that's Brandy (Cheesehead with Sticks) sitting in front of us in the later picture.

It was a great evening, and so nice to meet you!


Proof that virtual friends do exist and are more fun in person.

Hey, that's Cathy-Kate in the pink t-shirt!

That looks like so much fun! Lots of room too.

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