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Thursday, September 18, 2008


I think someone needs to give you a badge or let you run for office.

I like it when they get up behind you and a little to the left, to make sure you can see that they're behind you. Sigh.

A very good rant and plenty of good points. Hope you are feeling a bit more relaxed now. Kitties will forgive you for keeping them safe.

Tell me about it. Bad drivers reckless drivers, a-holes, roads always under repair or construction! Welcome to my world. When someone insists on speeding around me (and I don't drive too slowly)it makes it easier to deal with their bad behavior by imagining that they have diarhea and need to get to a bathroom fast!
My family is chock full of cops. Not an easy job!

Even the deputies to who run stop signs and try to slam into me? Cause I have trouble being thankful for that guy.

I hope you and the kitties are feeling better today and that no one smells like popcorn. ;^)

I haven't run into many Barney Fifes in law enforcement, but there are definitely a few who let their power go to their head. That said, I still admire most of those in law enforcement and am thankful for their dedication.

Please pass on my mom-type comments to those workers with the dirty shoes, too ;-)

ITA about the drivers. What are they in such an all fire hurry TO anyway? Slow down. Saves gas, wear and tear, nerves and lives.

ITA about the guys in uniforms too. There's bad in everything but there's a lot of thankless work too.

We're surrounded by construction , too. People just hate not having control of the whole road. My son just got his license and the testing was stupidly tricky and difficult. I think all the parents should have to take the test, too. (written by a former professional driver and the daughter of one).

Loved Joan's comment... but you don't need a badge... just more ammo. Those socks are lovely. :D Oh, and I need your address because I forgot my book. DUH!

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